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If you can't visit us in-person

3D Models Now Also Available 

From Your Pictures

When you visit one of our locations in person, we capture you in 3D-360 with the highest possible resolution, for that reason, the results are amazingly realistic.
We understand in some cases you may not be able to visit our Studio in-person. We now also offer a 3D conversion just from your pictures. It will add an extra step which is “The 3D Conversion” of your photos.

This art is completed using our proprietary High Definition Rendering process and it's finalized by a professional 3D artist, unlike anything else.
The results are brilliant however, it ultimately depends on the image quality and number of images you can provide us with. For optimum result take 4 pictures from all views,  Front and Back plus Left and Right side.

MiniMe Factory can also create your 3D model from just a single photo however, if possible a minimum of 4 pictures are highly recommended.
3D Conversion fee of $99 per-person will be added to our Studio listed pricing based on selected model size.

From Your Pictures to 3D

Pricing Per-Person


Bust $198 &up (2" Model)

Fullbody $258 &up (5" Model)


Cats & Dogs $298 &up (3" Model)

Objects: Consult

Feel free to attach your pictures and @email it to our team for assessment.

International Shipping Available for the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Digital Products Line:

We also offer your 3D captures in digital format: 

3D Avatar, VR/AR Gif. Raw OBJ/MTL Point Cloud.

View this page on a computer to see 

Digital 3D sample models: