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You in 3D 360


Let us amaze you with a lifelike 3D MiniMe Model of yourself or your loved ones, It's unlike anything else!


If you have been captured at one of our locations, you can complete your order here online.  Simply select Size & Options, enter the 15 digit Scan ID number emailed to you. Add to Cart and checkout.


Optional Selection: Base 

Recommended on single captures also If your model can not stand alone because of your pose or certain clothing. ($12 Add-On Per-Person)


See How it works:

MiniMe Factory 3D Studio As seen on TV

The precision of our technique and expertise combined with the latest proprietary digital equipment, enables us to create you in an amazingly accurate 3D realism that exceed most others. Let us amaze you with a 3D capture of yourself or your loved ones. You will love it, Guaranteed!

Made in U.S.A



Products are made to order. Your custom 3D order will be processed in about 14 Business Days, some models may take longer depending on complexity. You will be updated with tracking information once shipped. 


Care instruction:

The Material of this Product is Sandstone. It is a ceramic like material. The colors are infused using the latest 3D color infusion technology. 3D Models are brittle and must be handled with care. Do not expose to Water, extreme temperature, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended time.





*Person in capture